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By the valuable advice of our leaders all our associations trying to improve and development in Economy, civilization and social duties and obligation of all our nations. As we have great energy to serve our country we try to establish an organization of Construction Entrepreneurs Association.



Aim and Objective

We absolutely believe that we can provide to improve Economy and social duties and obligation of our nation and other necessaries by leading as a private association, join together with our government. We determine to take part our duties for our country willingly.




The Objective of this Association is the fulfillment of the Nation’s Aspirations, and the people’s requirement  with the initiatives undertaken by the private sector in the development of the economic and social sectors of Myanmar. Myanmar Construction Entrepreneurs Association is composed of a committee of patrons and a central executive body of (36)persons. The central Executive body takes care of the matters relating to cooperation on a mutual benefit basis between the local and foreign companies and the member companies of the Association. The committee has pledged to uphold the unity, perpetuaity and development of the association through negotiating, coordinating and finding solutions to any difficulties and disputes arising between the members.



MCEA Activities

Hospitals, schools, dispensaries, religious buildings and pagodas were destroyed by Typhoon ‘Nargis’ with struck  Yangon and Ayarwaddy Regions on 2 May 2008.Under the guidance of Township Rehabilitation committee, the member companies directly took part in the rebuilding process. The members constructed low cost housing in place of those destroyed and also made monetary contributions. The companies undertook this task without considering any kind of profits, as a gesture of showing their gratitude to the State. Under the leadership of MCEA, the member companies, apart from rehabilitation work, also participated in relief works, healthcare, food and shelter matters and employment generating matters. The member companies neglected and set aside their own losses and instead cater to the needs of the public suffering from the natural disaster. The member made trips to every creek and brook in their assigned areas and rendered help assistance with money from their own pockets. The rehabilitation work was done in difficult circumstances, sometimes even resorting to use of canoes and cars by turn to carry buildings materials. MCEA was able to construct the hospitals, schools, dispensaries, housing and religious buildings and Pagodas on time. Concrete storm shelters capable of housing hundreds of storm victims have also been constructed and donated to authorities.

MCEA was also able to contribute in the building of bridges and roads. The Golden stupors of historical pagodas have also been reinstalled.

At the same time, without any undue delay. MCEA was able to fulfill its primary function of implementing Housing projects and Satellite towns. Construction projects such as Parliament buildings, Residences for State Leaders, Ministers’ office. Hotels and an (8) Lane highway construction were also given technical assistance by MCEA.

MCEA has collaborated with Government departments, Myanmar Engineering Society, Association of Myanmar Architecture , Yangon Technological University and companies involved in import of modern technological appliances, to enhance construction technology and also develop skilled technicians and staffs. In addition workshops were jointly held on standards relating to earthquake tolerance and construction of building that can withstand natural disasters. MCEA cooperated with departments and  organisations to secure the ASEAN ENERGY AWARDS FOR ENERGY EFFICIENT BUILDINGS.

In the Education Sector, MCEA provided financial assistance to schools, education personals and to students.

In the sports sector, to uplift this sector MCEA members took active and leading roles in various sports federations providing both monetary and personal assistance for training and victory in events. Football clubs were set up and competitions organized in an effort to improve the 

football sector. MCEA is also taking an active part for the successful holding of The South East Asian games.

In the religious sector, MCEA has undertaken construction , as well as, maintainance  of religious buildings. Donations amounting to millions of kyats  have also been made for religious purposes.

In the economic sector, to develop the medium and small scale industries, MCEA set up Industrial Zones, Special Economic Zones as well as cement factories, Tile Factories, Iron and Steel mills, Fertilizer. Factories not only to boost up production but also to ease import from abroad. MCEA also developed farm lands on a contract basis.

In Foreign relations, MCEA met with representatives from countries such as, Japan, Republic of Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, India, USA, EU, Bangladesh and Indonesia  and held discussions and signed MOU. The discussions centered on development of construction sector, acquisition of new technologies, new and modern construction materials and high tech equipments.



Receipiants of Honorary titles and Honorary medals

Between 1994 up to 2012, the President, Executive members and members of MCEA were awarded the following Religious Honorary titles;

            -“Agga Mahar Thiri Thudama Manizawtadara”

            - “ Thiri Thudama Mani Zawtadara”

            - “Thiha Thudama Mani Zaw Ta dara”and Honorary titles such as

            - “Excellence in the field of Social Work”

            - “ Excellence in the field of Industrial Economics.”

In 2010, The President and (9) Executive committee members were awarded the newly created “Wunna Kyaw Htin” honorary title.

In 2012,(4) The President and other members were awarded the “Sithu” Honorary Title.



Future Activities of MCEA

The future Activities as envisioned by MCEA are:

  1. The cooperate continuously with the Government without fail.
  2. To assidously participate in the State’s desire to develop mechanized farming.
  3. To develop the quality of the construction industries and gain the trust of the Public.
  4. To establish factories capable of producing import substitute quality goods in the Industrial zones.
  5.  To establish Industries capable of producing export oriented products
  6. To establish friendly relations with local and foreign companies.
  7. To continuously strive for development of social, economic, education , religion and religious propagation in close cooperation with Government.
  8. To find solutions to the difficulties faced by the member companies.




The development of Myanmar relies mainly on the civil sector, Industrial sector and the Agricultural sector. The Indegrious Businessmen of Myanmar have been cooperating with the Government in all sectors of Business. Small and Medium scale Industries have been established to fulfill the state’s requirement for production of import substitution products. MCEA welcome the future development of the union of Myanmar and is prepared to establish Special Economic Zones, Industrial Zones and Looks forward to the promulgation of the Investment Act and Land Ownership Act.     



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(Prepared by Myanmar Hyperion)
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